Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

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Year ended 31 December 2010 Note 2010 £m 2009 £m
Profit for the year   1,436 677
Other comprehensive income:      
Exchange movements on foreign operations and net investment hedges:      
Exchange movements arising during the year B4 217 (206)
Related tax   34 11
  251 (195)
Available-for-sale securities:      
Unrealised valuation movements on securities of US insurance operations classified as available-for-sale: D3(a)    
Unrealised holding gains arising during the year   1,170 2,249
Add back net losses included in the income statement on disposal and impairment   51 420
Total   1,221 2,669
Related change in amortisation of deferred income and acquisition costs H1 (496) (1,069)
Related tax   (247) (557)
  478 1,043
Other comprehensive income for the year, net of related tax   729 848
Total comprehensive income for the year   2,165 1,525
Attributable to:      
Equity holders of the Company   2,160 1,524
Non-controlling interests   5 1
Total comprehensive income for the year   2,165 1,525


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